© Matt Bode Photography

© Matt Bode Photography

Make a provisional booking for the date you require with our Bookings Secretary.

Click here for contact details, give details of start and finish times and allow for setting up and clearing up afterwards. The bookings Secretary will put you in touch with our Events Manager who can meet you at the venue to talk through your ideas and discuss the suitability of The Old Chapel for your day.

Contact the Minister, Andrew Mills

e‑mail:  urcministeralfriston@gmail.com   tel. 01323 894687

He is happy to offer help and guidance and will arrange a time to meet so that he can assist with an outline of your service for your ceremony.

There are a number of books and websites with useful ideas and information. Try www.weddings.about.com/od/weddingvows.

Confirm the booking, pay a non-refundable booking fee of £100.

This will be used as a deposit if the booking goes ahead and refunded after the event.

Sign the booking form. Make sure everything is booked including minister, organist, flowers, catering, photographer etc.

Our Events Organsier, will talk over everything with you and provide recommendations.  She can also manage the organisation for you for an additional fee.

Apply to your local registry office for authorisation to marry.

This will cost around £50 — £60.

You will get a certificate which you will need in order to proceed further. This proves that a check has been carried out to make sure there are no reasons why you cannot legally be married.

A marriage ceremony can only take place in a building which is registered for that purpose and the official title of the Old Chapel Centre, when used for weddings, is The United Reformed Church Alfriston. This information MUST be on the authorisation to marry and the wedding certificate.

After the wedding service you will be given a marriage certificate.

The wedding must be attended by an authorised person to act as registrar. This person will be provided by the URC (United Reformed Church) and has nothing to do with the registrar in relation to a civil Ceremony. The marriage certificate is a legally binding document. You do not need to undergo a further ceremony in a registry office.

NB: The Old Chapel Centre cannot be used as a venue for civil ceremonies. These must not take place in a building which is occasionally used as a place of worship or has other associations with religious practice.